Tamworth at Home is a project meant to serve as a snapshot into the lives of our town’s residents during the Covid-19 pandemic in the year of 2020. These photos represent the fact that folks have been spending more time at home recently, and everyone’s experience has been different. Have any of your family members returned from out of town? Are you now working remotely? What is your story?

Please call, text or email me to set up an appointment if your household would like to participate! This is at NO cost to you. For those who are willing and able, I ask that you consider donating to a local Tamworth non-profit organization in honor of this project. My goal is to include as many Tamworth families in the collection as possible. These images will soon be turned into a small photo book. Stay on the lookout for a special exhibit next year! I look forward to adding your ‘porch-rait’ to the collection. 

To schedule your household photograph, reach out to
Wyatt Berrier: (603) 651-5096 | wyatt.b@kw.com

More front porch-raits to be added soon. Tamworth residents, schedule yours today!